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NEWS FOR: 02/16/04

+ New CrackerOp.tcl version: 1.4.1
+ Fixed a bug with treating strings as lists

NEWS FOR: 09/03/02

+ New CrackerOp.tcl version: 1.4.0
+ Added variable: cracker_requireuser to allow or disallow +z/+Z users to op unrecognized users
+ Added syncing of crackersprotect[ops/friends]
+ Fixed syncing of crackersautoop channels
+ Added four new commands:
.+mcrackersprotectops , .-mcrackersprotectops , .+mcrackersprotectfriends , .-mcrackersprotectfriends
+ Added four new commands for eggdrop users below eggdrop version1.5.x :
.+crackersprotectops , .-crackersprotectops , .+crackersprotectfriends , .-crackersprotectfriends
which allows your bot to reop ops/friends when they get deopped.
+ Added two new channel flags for eggdrop1.5.x and higher users:
+crackersprotectops and +crackersprotectfriends
(used via .chanset) which act similar to +protectops/friends, except uses crackers to reop the user.
+ Added support for servers which don't allow -b on a non-existing ban, but allow for +b-b on the same line. (ie. Undernet)
New variable: cracker_network
+ Fixed a bug created by utimer/timer behaviour modification in eggdrop1.3.x and up. (the behaviour should NOT require a "list" tcl command by logical reasoning, since utimer/timer take only a single parameter, as opposed to the tcl after command).
+ Some variable cleanups and small fixes

NEWS FOR: 01/23/02

+ New CrackerOp.tcl version: 1.3.5
+ Added ability for bot to check for updated version of crackerop.tcl
+ Fixed bug with matchchanattr proc for higher eggdrop versions
+ Added more DEBUG code
+ Added deopping of anyone who gets opped by someone who was opped
with a bad cracker if they were fast enough (read this a few times,
and it will make sense ;)
+ Reset key for a +z/+Z user when they are deopped
+ Reset keys for a +z/+Z users opped by a returning netsplit (to help keep keys synched)
+ DCC command '.op' will now act with higher eggdrop version behaviour
(that is, .op will op a valid user in all channels s/he is in and has +o for)
+ Other small fixes

NEWS FOR: 10/03/01

+ New CrackerOp.tcl version: 1.3.3
+ Fixed yet another bug with really_give_op, Hopefully now it will always tag
on crackers to an opmode when it is supposed to.
+ Added checking to queued opping for nicks already opped and checking for invalid
channels just incase
+ Added backing up of cracker data for eggdrop versions < 1.5x (since 1.5x and higher
will automatically make backups of the channel files where the data is stored for them)
+ Fixed issues with script not working with eggdrop v1.4.x and higher
(thanks to aur|ga's help testing and discovery)
+ Added auto-opping cracker support (suggested by aur|ga)

NEWS FOR: 09/13/01

+ First I would just like to send out my condolences to those who knew anyone that was
either in the planes or the WTC buildings in the terrible terrorist attack two days ago.
+ New CrackerOp.tcl version: 1.3.2
+ Fixed queued opping bug from sometimes not tagging on a cracker for crackered channels
+ Fixed a bug when parting the bot from a channel
+ Fixed a conflict bug between crackerop.tcl and toolbox.tcl (discovered by apac)

NEWS FOR: 09/01/01

+ New CrackerOp.tcl version: 1.3.1
+ Fixed a load_cracker_config/save_cracker_config bug that could cause all channels
to be marked as -crackers for eggdrop versions less than 1.5x
+ Fixed another similar bug during the loading of crackered channels at startup
by a bot for eggdrop versions less than 1.5x

NEWS FOR: 08/27/01

+ Since the site got "accidently" deleted on the old host, I've decided to move it,
and have also redone the layout of the site, hope you like it.