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This is a script for eggdrop1.1.5 - eggdrop1.6.x.
(tested on 1.1.5, 1.4.x, and 1.6.x)

CrackerOp.tcl is based on mikee's cracker-ops from his modified
eggdrop1.1.5+rufus1.4.9+mikee0.5 source code (, and a
large portion of this script is pretty much a direct translation from
the C code to TCL. Crackers (or cookies) are used to detect when a
user/bot's TCPIP stream has been hijacked by a hacker, meaning that
they can control what is sent to the server using your connection,
such as ill-gained opping. This script will secure the op modes your bots
send to a server by tagging on Crackers to legitimate op modes it issues,
and will also verify Crackers used by other bots using this script in your
channels. It will look something like such:

*** bot1 sets mode: +o-b bot2 CBClm02V.!WA/@Qqunb04xiqrmFKeajlfIK7r00fwkm/sEzyTl

It's not pretty, but it does the trick, as the crackers used in this
script are truly dynamic and botnet independant.

CrackerOp.tcl works in combination with other botnet opping scripts, as such it must be
loaded BEFORE any other scripts.

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